Sunday Services Onsite and Online

Worshipping at the Lamington Crossroads Since 1740 
We are a family of faith wrapping our arms around God's world
and making Jesus Christ a way of life
through worship, as we praise and glorify God;
through study, as we listen for God's Word in body, mind and spirit;
through mission, as we embody God's love in service to the world;
through giving, as we express gratitude to God;
through fellowship, as we love and care for one another.
Important Communication
Good News 

On Sunday, you can come to Lamington Church for worship or join our online service, through Zoom or Facebook (something new!). 
Please see the safety measures we are following for the onsite church service in the article published in newsletter.

First and foremost: If you or anyone you know is struggling with this new reality that may feel isolating, lonely and frustrating, please reach out to any of our Session members. (See names and numbers below.)
Do you need help buying groceries? Would you like to talk with someone or pray together?
It doesn't matter how big or small the request is -- we are here for you. God is here for you. You are not alone.
Rev. Ian Rankine is serving as our pastor for emergencies during this "in between" period of congregational pastors. He can be reached at (908) 256-9533.
For details about how to join the online services, email lamingtonchurch@gmail.com or call our church office at 908-572-7013 and leave a message. We will get back to you promptly with instructions.
Sunday Service, Onsite and Online
October 25, 2020 at 10:15 a.m. 
Rev. Caroline Jinkins will lead us in worship and Jim Goldsworthy will provide his inspirational music at the organ.
All are welcome!
If you need anything or have questions, please let us know.
Valerie Fraser
Dave Smith
Greg Halsey
Patrick Palmer
Bob Wittpenn
Hunter Lewis
Alison Paine
Georgie Schley
Duncan Rose
Bisham Singh